The majority of seniors who require short- or long-term medical care or support say they prefer the comfort and privacy of home, where familiar surroundings are more conducive to recovery.

A Compassionate Care provides services for seniors who need help with their daily living tasks or who are disabled, bed or wheelchair bound. We also help seniors recovering after discharge from hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation facilities. A Compassionate Care provides services for family caregivers who need time away from their care-giving responsibilities. As home healthcare professionals committed to clinical excellence, we care for clients with a variety of needs, and because each person’s needs are unique, our services are flexible and our staff is trained to meet a variety of special health care requirements.

We adapt our services based on your situation: we will assess your needs, recommend a plan of care and discuss it with you, your family and your physician. As your needs change, we will adjust our services accordingly, always providing compassionate care designed to improve your quality of life. Home health care delivered by qualified professionals is a more cost-effective method of treatment delivery and has been shown to result in significant benefits like improved emotional and physical health, fewer hospitalizations, less family stress and increased self confidence.